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Oct 22

October Boudoir Prive box

So like my other post I would just share a few thoughts on the company to begin with. Well I love their customer service. They keep in contact to let you know when the boxes should be sent up but don’t go over the top with the emails. They also send an email out when they have been sent, this is pretty quick after they have put a twitter message up about it to.

So on to this month’s box. I got a leaflet this month when I unwrapped everything so it was covering up the products but when I removed it my first response was…WOW. My first impression was that I loved it.

Cetuem Illuminating mask and Creme de lite- This product is used to maintain a youthful complexion whilst brightening the skin. I haven’t tried it but it seems like it’s worth ago. It doesn’t seem like an anti-aging product (which I don’t like). Instead it’s to keep your skin in good condition. Two of these (different ones) were in the box).

Rose and Co Rose Petal Salve- I love this product. First the smell is nice and it doesn’t just have to be used on the lips so it’s good for most people. As someone that has problems with lip products this one was fine. In my life I have only ever found two products my lips don’t react to, one from lush cosmetics and the second was this one.

Studio makeup Liner Styler Pen- I don’t really use liquid eye liner as it always goes wrong but what I like about this product is that is doesn’t seem to run like the other products on the market.

Memo Paris Les Echappes, Voyages Natuels and Les Orientaux fragrence- I’ve mentioned it earlier but I’m not keen on fragrence samples but what I do like is that the bottle is a spray one. So instead of fiddling around with the lip and it spilling, it’s easy to try.

Korres body butter- This is used with chapped skin. I love the packaging and the smell is really nice, a fruity smell.

Leonor Greyl- This is a pre conditioner that will soften and nourish dry and damaged hair. I’ve not tried it yet. My only concern is the picture on the leaflet makes it look like an oil but what I actually got was more solid and doesn’t want to come out of the packaging.

All in all I love this box and Boudoir Prive. I used this month decide between them and Glossy Box as I can’t afford both and I have to say Boudoir Prive won hands down both months.

Until next timexx

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